Picked up a virus?

(Sam Silverman) #1

So I have apparently picked up something (probably from a Download from the web. I thought the site was secure, but…)

Randomly Safari will switch from whatever I select to:


Anyone have any ideas? Anyway to get rid of it?

I cleared history on Safari and restarted it. I thought it was gone, but apparently not.

Thanks in advance,


PS. My first posting on the new forum.

(David Rostenne) #2

Hi Sam,

Sounds like a Safari extension more than anything… check under Safari Preferences then Extensions and turn off the Anysearch Manager (or similar).



(Jolin Warren) #3

What are you trying to select when this happens? Did it replace your homepage setting (in Preferences > General)?

(Sam Silverman) #4

Dave -

There was a “Compete Search 1.0” there. I uninstalled it.

Let’s see if that took care of it.


(Sam Silverman) #5

Jolin -

I didn’t replace my homepage setting, I’ll see if David’s suggestion worked. It wasn’t happening every time - just often enough!

(Sam Silverman) #6

Dave -

So far so good. looks like you got it.



(David Rostenne) #7

You’re welcome!