Photos+ anybody?

Backblaze recommended Photos+ as an alternative to iCloud (if you need more than 200 GB storage). I like the idea and I am presently trying to find out how it works.

I know we are talking about two different processes: Photos+ does not offer immediate synchronisation, iCloud ensures that all logged-in devices have the same state immediately. It is also inconvenient that you can only control the process with the mobile devices (iPad, iPhone). I still have to consider whether 90% savings are worth it when working with Photos+ is such a hassle.

Another point of criticism is the loading time. It is clear that a first upload can take several days. But if you are caught in an indexing loop and have only transferred 24 images in 12 hours, then something is wrong.

Backblaze offers a good guide on how to configure the interaction with Photos+. The instructions in Photos+ are very minimalistic.

What does the community say?