Photo as database

Is there a program that will let you imbed data into points in a photograph? I’m thinking of taking photos in my house, and then being able to click on an item in the photo, have a note or fields pop up to add insurance information to it.

(I just though one way would be to convert the photos to pdf files and add memos to them, that may even be more universal than a jpg photo. Strange how typing and the anticipation of answers will get your brain working.)

Besides that, anybody ever heard of something that works like this?

You can do this in HTML by creating an image map with hotspots. There are any number of free HTML options, both downloadable or online, on the web. I don’t have the inclination, patience or time to hand code, but it’s not hard to do. It’s super easy to do in Photoshop, and you can even work with layers; I’m not sure if Elements supports this, but I think the chances are good.

You do that with Filemaker or Panorama.

With Filemaker, you could put the picture in the background and then create invisible “button” that cause “popups” where you can enter data. The buttons can activate scripts which can bring up other screens, print, create and email PDFs, etc.

The buttons could also be pictures overlying the background.


Doug Hogg