Persistent video player on Lock Screen

Frequently after I have looked at a movie online or via a video player on my iPad, the video controls persist on the lock screen. This may last for days, and even though I swipe up to quit the programs, it persists. Is there a setting or something for that to keep that from appearing or how do I make it go away?

I see the same on my phone and iPod Touch. These controls represent the last-played media. It shows what will be played if the device receives a play command from remote (e.g. from a car’s USB port or the button on connected earbuds).

I don’t normally watch videos on my devices, but I often see this for music (via Apple’s Music app) and podcasts (via PocketCasts). Usually, the screen goes away from the lock screen a few minutes after playback stops, but the ability to resume playback seems to persist forever via the AirPlay section of the control center screen.

It’s new (ish) behaviour that the controller persists (from iOS 15 maybe?). I’ve found the only way to get rid of it is to select “other speakers” (not the exact language I don’t have the situation in front of me), and then “not playing on this iPhone/iPad” (again not the exact language).

In other words we now have to actively select speakers that we don’t have and then select “not playing” instead of playing to get it to disappear. Very weird, illogical and un-Apple like, but it appears they planned it that way on purpose.