Permissions not being respected on ThunderBay 4 connected to M2 Pro Mac Mini


I have just spent almost an hour with Apple troubleshooting an issue with permissions on my RAID.

I have a new ThunderBay 4 connected to a new M2 Pro Mac Mini. Folder permissions are not being respected on the RAID e.g. setting a folder to be only readable by the owner does not work and any users connecting to the Mac Mini on the network can see all folders and files on the ThunderBay 4 irrespective of the permissions. The Apple engineer has escalated but I was wondering if this is a known issue with either Ventura 13.2 or the new M2 Pro (Mac Mini)?


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ps I should add that I am using SoftRAID

wondering if this is a known issue with either Ventura 13.2 or the new M2 Pro (Mac Mini)?

There are serious issues with 13.2 and file sharing…a senior Apple support tech admitted it to me and suggested rollback to Monterey for now. 13.1 worked properly but it is no longer available from Apple per their policy. I did find a copy of the 13.1 installer and haven’t decided whether to use it or just Monterey until Ventura is fixed. There are a bunch of reports and purported fixes on the web for the ‘file sharing doesn’t work’ problem but this is the first one I’ve heard of involving permissions.

I started with a new machine with 13.2 installed so may behave differently. I suspect the permission issue would not be something you would spot immediately (unless you were setting up a system as in my case)? If anyone has upgraded to 13.2 and has an external drive (SoftRAID in my case) you may wish to check if your folder permissions are being respected, or, if as in my case, all users can see everything…

ps. I should add that the issue only seems to apply to an external drive and not files within a users home folder.