PDFPen Pro Support

PDFPen has been acquired by Nitro. Nitro has no support page I can find. You navigate to a community forum page that you cannot post to. You try to register, are taken to a signup page that leads you to an offer of a free trial
The Nitro PDFPen user manual and the app help menu refer you to support@smile.com. There they kindly send you to Nitro
Can anyone help me get to PDFPen support?
It is a great app but useless without support.

I just tried to connect with their support and ended up with a mass of clicks. This worries me as this is one of favorite apps. thanks for the warning. I will be trying to connect with them.

I tweeted them at @NitroHQ and got a conversation going. They want me to establish an account but when I tried it is for a business (I want home use). I invented a business and said 1 user and it wouldn’t let me continue - it was greyed out and my cursor converted to a circle with a line through it. Finally they said they would contact me directly by email. They requested my name an email.
I did insist quite strongly. I am discouraged that they don’t seem to cater to plain users like me. Let’s see

Okay, I got an email from a technician who “was able to create an account for me” and who asked me what issue I had.
He did not reveal how I could access the account. They did go out of their way but that is not the way I expect simple support requests to be handled.

There is a free Take Control book for PDF Pen dated May 3, 2021 :


Thanks Doug
The Take Control Book is very good. What I am looking for is support, or at least access to a forum as you would expect from any serious software developer.
After tweeting back and forth the customer service person created a case for me and an account. However he didn’t reveal the login credentials he created nor did he get back to me.
Conclusion: no support

Does anybody have a recommendation for alternate software? I use combining pdfs into one document as well as exporting to Excel a lot.

I moved over to PDF Expert from Readdle a long time ago. Answers my editing/combining/signing needs and runs on macOS and iOS. You could try it, I’ve never exported to a spreadsheet from it I have to say, I guess that depends on the documents you use.

Many thanks, @Tommy
Their website specifically states export to Excel. I will download and try

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My husband just seconded the recommendation of Readle’s PDF Export. He recently retired, and like me, he no longer has access to an Adobe subscription. He says that though it’s not like having the full version, it has a lot of features that make it close enough.

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I have relied on PDFPen for years. I primarily started using it because it was more Applescriptable compared to Apple Preview. I haven’t seen major bugs in PDFPen, so hopefully it’ll run for a while.

I think PDF Expert is fine. But I’m now starting to switch back to Apple Preview (as in, changing the Default app for opening .pdf files to Apple Preview).

Some features e.g. merging PDFs now are in Automator and the Finder (and I guess Shortcuts in the future). Other annotating features have also been added over time.

I like PDFPen Pro because of the ease with which it will OCR my PDFs. I need this because I am often converting saved PDF articles into word-processing files in Nisus Writer Pro. I have another such app that looks like a PDFPen Pro twin, got it when I purchased a SnapScan scanner along with its software - it is called Kofax Power PDF but it is not also an iOS app.

+1 for moving over to PDFExpert. Even several years ago I found PdFPen folks snide and unhelpful. So dropped it. PdFExpert is very feature-full (more than PDFPen IME, and support is terrific and quickl


Got PDFExpert and like it very much. I exported a pdf to Excel. Useable. Not perfect but that is okay. I wanted OCR, asked and they said it was coming.
Thanks everybody