Pasting from Mac to iPhone

This has obviously been around for awhile but how did I miss it?!

I use an app called ParcelTrack to track packages. Today I opened an email that had a shipping number, I swear I didn’t click on anything. I opened ParcelTrack and it immediately said “Pasting from MacBook” - and it did!!!

Now, I can’t always recreate it in that manner, but I can copy on my Mac and paste on the phone, which I’ve never done before.

Two questions: when did this happen and how do I do it automatically again?

I’m running Sierra on the MBP and iOS 12 on an SE.

I could also paste the same string in Notes, so it’s not a function of the app.

Diane, who loves finding very cool and useful things

ICloud Universal Clipboard has been around since iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra.

Apple’s howto is here:

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Thanks Doug! I can’t believe how seamless it was initially.

Airdrop is sometimes flakey between the phone and laptop, so I can see where this may not work all of the time either.

to think all this time I’ve been doing speech-to-text for tracking numbers when all I had to do was paste! :rofl: