Password Managers

I have used Splash ID Safe for many years. It has worked satisfactorily, and the current version is 64 bit compatible.

But I was contemplating changing and wondered what others are using and recommend (or don’t recommend). A quick scan of the archives turned up 1Password, but I didn’t see anything else. What advice do you recommend?

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I used 1 Password and then Dashlane. I have stayed with Dashlane.
Simple and easy to use the data on multiple devices.

Have no idea how the security of the various apps compares.



The data file is on my computer, is automatically backed up with everything else, is easy to find, and is mine forever. It was one of the first many, many years ago and is still being updated.

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1Password. Their security methods are audited by an outside third-party.

I like their use of haveIbeenpwd service, in case my details ever appear in any darkweb data dump. So I can be sure to change them. Plus the functionality of knowing which sites have just enabled 2FA, so I can thus enable it on my account forthwith. :wink:

EDIT: I should also add that the 1Password support forums are actually staffed by 1P staffers, and they always help solve any issue or misunderstanding you may have about the product. It’s especially one of the very reasons I use them, as well.

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I’ve been using LastPass for years and have very few complaints. It’s very dependable which is good because I depend on it a lot!

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