Password for document

There’s a document with critical information that I created on my M1 MacBook Air, in Pages, and I have Passworded it so that I can use the finger-print button to open it. Being dim, I didn’t save the Password, because I had the finger-print way in.

Then I used my iPhone 12 to try to get access to this file. I found it, clicked on it to open it, and was faced with ‘Open this file with face recognition’. Fine; there was an orange button in the ‘on’ position, and only a space to type in the missing password. And nothing happened; the file stayed locked. Why didn’t face recognition work? Help?

You can probably find the password in Keychain Access, on your Mac.

Thanks; I tried that, no password found. But I’ll give it another go. Often, I can’t find things in front of me. Old age problem.