Pairing an iPhone with a GM Car

(igold) #1

We have an iPhone X and a Buick LaCrosse.

One nice feature is we can use Bluetooth to connect the car to the phone and then use the car as a microphone and speaker and make and receive phone calls without purchasing a phone package from OnStar (GM).

In theory, this is a nice feature but we have times when the car doesn’t pair with the phone or times when the contacts list from the phone does not download into the car system.

We don’t use the car much. At times there is a week or more between times the car is used.

Searching via Google we see people have had all sorts of problems, not even always with Apple phones, but with strange solutions. One even suggested removing photos from contacts (that’s not the problem, when things work the way they are supposed to work the photos get loaded into the car contacts as well as names and phone numbers).

So, does anyone on the list have this or a similar setup (car is an 2018 and phone is running the current iOS version) and if so do you have similar problems?

We have tried having the phone turned on before starting the car and also turning the phone on after starting the car.

This problem does not always happen but it happens frequently enough to be a pain so we figured it’s worth asking real world folks since OnStar / GM support isn’t always the best for these problems.

One additional observation…

After my wife reaches her first destination when she gets back into the car and starts up again everything syncs as expected!

Note the car always recognizes the phone when the car is started for the first time. It’s just the contacts don’t sync.

Yes, in Settings / Bluetooth the device that identifies the car does have “sync contacts” enabled.

Thanks in advance.

Ira (and Robin).