PadOS 14 and discrepancies in icon sizes

On my iPad Pro 9.7 inch, I have the icons set to Large. But some of the icons are small, but keep their spacing correct. Is this something others have noticed? It is kind of subtle, but clearly there.

On my first page it is Calendar, Notes, and Contacts, but also YouTube on my second page.

And of course on reboot, everything is fine. That was odd though, since it had to reboot after the update.

Ok. So it started again when I was updating some apps and I changed the orientation of the iPad, it became obvious that some changed size. But when you changed back the orientation, different apps were small, even a folder shrunk, and most stayed larger.

Here is a video on Dropbox of me changing orientation of the iPad. The video does not change orientation, just goes to the side and back, but you can see the icons changing sizes.

I am also noticing that some widgets are smaller sizes, and I know they can be square, rectangle or large square but these are smaller than they should be.

Is this just me or an early bug everyone is seeing. I have rebooted, but it eventually returns

I can’t reproduce this at all. I was thinking it could be related to the Display Zoom feature, but that seems to be limited to the iPhone (Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom).

It might be worth backing up, erasing the iPad, and restoring from backup.