Overriding the default keyboard shortcut to Send in Mail?

And of course the shortcut is not working again. :slight_smile:

Then I tried to create a Send shortcut for Mail.app to CMD+return and for the life of me could not figure out how. :slight_smile:


In other news, I did a screen share with Apple Support last evening to demonstrate the bug and naturally CMD+return worked every single time I tried to show how it wasn’t working.

At my old company the staff called me Mr. Wizard because when they called with a problem and I walked into their office, the problem disappeared.

The magic I performed was that they were paying attention to what they were doing in order to show me what was wrong.




Thanks. I might take a look at it again. But that seems like a lot of steps compared to what should work - just setting a hot key in settings!

True. But half of those steps are protective which can be dispensed with if you are absolutely positive you will only press Cmd-Return when you are in Mail with your message frontmost and ready to go. If so, you could just do the trigger and single action at the end (“Select Menu Item in Mail”).


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Still confused. I reinstalled it and am trying to follow your example, and got to here:


  • Instead of Available when there is a focused window I chose Available when a focused window exists. Same thing I guess?

  • Where is the Triggered by any of the following setting?

  • Where is the will execute the following setting?

I think I’m getting closer, but it’s incredibly complicated!

It’s ok. If I have time sometime I may look at it again, but I’ve deleted it for now. Thanks.

So I was working out what was different between your screen you were getting in Karabiner-Elements and my screen on my side—and realized that I’m still a version behind current. My bad. What you want is “Add predefined rule”.

The box that comes up only has those rules you’ve already imported, plus the handful that are included as a sample with the installation. You have to click the button for “Import more rules from the Internet”, which will open a webpage showing all the currently available rules.

But it looks like you’ve already found a viable solution with Keyboard Maestro. Which is cool too. I just happen to have been using Karabiner-Elements and its predecessors for many years, and so that’s what I’m used to.

Honestly, I have found Keyboard Maestro way too complicated in the now three times I’ve installed it, tried it, got frustrated, and deleted it.

If I try Karabiner-Elements again will Import Rules from the Internet have one for a Mail Send shortcut?

It is absolutely on the web page that comes up for me after clicking the “Import rules” button. And that page even has a search box at the top (which is relatively new). I tested putting “mail” (no qoutes) in the search box, and after hitting return, the “Apple Mail shortcuts” item popped right to the top. After you import and enable it, it should just work.

Yes, given what you want to do—which should be really simple—it is way too complicated. I suggested it because I thought some of the bazillions of other things it can do might catch your fancy and make the purchase worth your while.


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Doug, I know this might not be the kind of solution you are looking for, but how are you typing Command-Shift-D? (I am asking because with the thumb of my left hand on Command, little finger on Shift and index finger on D, I find this very easy to type.)

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I got some information from their forums, so I’m going to give it another try.

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That’s exactly what I’m doing. Maybe ring finger instead of little finger. It feels contortionist. What do people with handicaps do?

Basically - the keyboard shortcut you set should work.

While I can’t speak for Doug, I can say that I find this combination awkward to type as well. It really depends on how large your hands are and how long your fingers are. I have “pianist’s fingers”, extremely long and slender, and I can properly reach CMD-Shift-D with one hand, using the fingers you mention, only by curling my thumb and pinky sideways, opposite each other like jaws of a clamp, a position from which it’s awkward to press down using the sides of the fingers. I can do it, but it’s far from easy or comfortable.

Plus, some people have years of muscle memory using CMD-Return from that being the default in Eudora and Thunderbird, and probably other clients as well. When you’ve been hitting CMD-Return to send mail for most of your adult life, it gets ingrained, just like CMD-Z to undo, CMD-S to save, CMD-W to close a window, and CMD-Q to quit an app.

Why Apple chose to not use the commonly-used and easily-remembered CMD-Return (and not use it for anything else in the same app), and instead opted for the completely non-mnemonic CMD-Shift-D, is inscrutable to me.

Sturdy fellow—keeps trying. :slight_smile:

Install Keyboard Maestro yet again. Download the attached; double-click the resulting .kmmacros file. Done.



Map_Message_Send.kmmacros (3.1 KB)


No wonder you are having trouble. “Maybe ring finger instead of little finger” is not what I am doing – there is a big difference.

Thanks! I have saved that for reference. And it’s cool you can share macros like that. I did use this solution posted in their forum and it worked: New user, still doing trial - how do I make a shortcut for Send in Mail.app? - #3 by douglerner - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

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didn’t read the whole thread and I dunno if this will work with Venty or Sono, but I have done this for years and currently with Monty. But - sys prefs/keyboard/shortcuts/app shortcuts.
Quit Mail first.
Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 7.16.16 PM

"At my old company the staff called me Mr. Wizard because when they called with a problem and I walked into their office, the problem disappeared.

“The magic I performed was that they were paying attention to what they were doing in order to show me what was wrong.”

Funny, where I worked before I retired that was referred to as “the Gurman effect.” :grinning:

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