Overcast smart speed too speedy

I am a big fan and long time premium user of Overcast.

Within what seems to be the last month though, I have noticed that the speed on my podcasts seems to be getting faster. Now they are too fast for me. In my mind, the speed may be a result of a too efficient and what seems to be recently tweaked at the system level Smart Speed feature in the app, but of course I could be wrong.

I recall I used to see a Smart Speed adjustment in the app, but now I cannot find it.

Can anyone help me out make the adjustment to get the speeds back to normal (to me).


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When you select an episode, it is the bottom left controller (resembles three slide switches from an analog console) which contains the controls for speed. You can also swipe the title display of the episode to one side or another to see other control and info panels.

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I don’t believe Smart Speed has ever been adjustable.

I haven’t noticed the change that you’re describing, but now I’m going to be listening more closely.

This is true, but you can also turn it off for a particular podcast feed if it’s not working for just that feed and leave it turned on for other feeds.

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Thank you. That is the control I was looking for. I will see if changing it applies only to that episode, that feed, or more generally.

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Hmmm. My Smart Speed IS adjustable in Overcast. Bottom left three parallel lines w dots in them opens up a slider to adjust it. Best, Patrick

My understanding is that the slider is a conventional speed control you’d find in any audio app that speeds up the overall playback.

Smart Speed shortens silences. It doesn’t touch the non-silent audio. It can only be toggled on and off.

That’s why the Smart Speed message in settings tells you how much time Smart Speed has saved you “beyond speed adjustments.”


I’ve never had an issue with SmartSpeed but had to slow some podcasts down due to accents. I have a problem with some British accents.

I don’t know but my Smart Speed button is ‘on’ and highlighted, and I can slide the speed to the rate I like. Being from the South AND hard of hearing, I often must slow it down a bit. Best, Patrick

Understood. My point was that those are two separate controls that work independent of each other. The slider doesn’t control or affect Smart Speed; it controls the rate at which the whole audio track plays. Earlier you had suggested that that slider controls Smart Speed. It doesn’t.

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I apologize as I must not be able to understand the question to begin with.Best, Patrick

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Overcast has two separate features that both relate to how quickly you can get through a podcast, so they’re easy to confuse. “Smart Speed” is either on or off. When on, it intelligently cuts the length of silent spots in the audio (pauses between words, etc.). “Playback Speed” is a variable adjustment, and controls the speed at which the entire audio track is played. The features can be used together.

The OP was wishing that the blank space compression algorithm of the “Smart Speed” feature was adjustable, but afaik, it is not. Hope that helps!

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It does and thank you Jeff. Two different parameters. Never thought about speeding up Smart Speed to remove even more blank space. Lordy, not sure my internal processor can process that fast. :). Best, Patrick