Ordered the new iPhone 13 Pro after all

While I felt I could wait a year, and am a bit leery about the extra 30 g weight and square edges (though my iPad has the same square edges and it’s fine), and while I feel my iPhone X is “sufficient” for another year, this is what happened with my sister, Cathy.

  1. She wanted to change to T-Mobile and reduce her monthly bill from $60-something to around $15.

  2. The old iPhone 6 Plus I sent her like 5 years ago won’t work on the T-Mobile network.

  3. She got an inexpensive iPhone SE 2020 to try, but seemed really discontent with the tinier screen and some other stuff. I suggested the iPhone 11, but that was already getting into a year’s worth of carrier savings.

  4. She suggested if I wanted to upgrade to a new iPhone she could take my iPhone X hand-me-down. It’s unusual for her to ask for anything.

  5. I still had just barely enough remaining on my gift cards to get an iPhone 13 Pro, so I ordered it, delivery expected in around 10 days, and she will return the iPhone SE 2020 to Apple, She has until January 8 to do that.

So we will both get upgrades, and she’ll save the money of not needing to purchase a new iPhone. And no actual cash was spent.

And I’ll get a new phone with lots of new camera features and 5G support, etc. I guess it will be fun to take macro photos and longer optical zoom photos and things like that.


Sometimes our decision making takes unusual turns. Glad that you and your sister will benefit.

I am interested in hearing what you think of the the iPhone 13 once you get it.