Opening webarchives in iOS

Maybe this a webarchive vs pdf issue…or maybe it’s just me and I haven’t figured out the right way to do this despite trying bunch of options and googling to see if I could find a solution.

I want to save a lot of web pages for future reference…photography tips, computer tips, and a whole lot of travel tips on destinations, things to see. I’ve always saved these as pdfs in DropBox from either iOS or macos or iPadOS so that they’re available on whatever device I happen to be on at a particular time. However…I’ve noticed that a lot of the time the formatting gets a bit messed up or things on the page are missing from the pdf file…in this latter case there’s a white area where the graphic or map or whatever it was on the web page used to be.

So I decided to try saving some as webarchives instead. Doing this from macOS is easy but I don’t see an easy way to save them from iPadOS and the one I saved from macOS doesn’t open properly on the iPad…no matter whether I download it in Files or use the DropBox app it opens in Documents from Readle instead of Safari on the iPad and even though the webarchive opens just fine on macOS it’s missing pieces when opened in iPadOS just like the pdf does.

So…am I missing something obvious or is this just not something one can do? I don’t want to put them in the Reading list because there are thousands of them organized by location or topic or whatever…but I am looking for a good way to save them from any of the 3 devices and then review them later on any of the 3 devices without missing pieces.