Online Backup

OK…another question on current state of the art as my wife and I move out of the full time RV lifestyle and back into a normal house with full time high speed internet.

We’re an all Apple household and have a mini running as a file server and Time Machine server for our two laptops…that will continue in the house. While in the RV…I have been doing daily and weekly backups to other drives connected to the mini as well as my version of the off site backup…two drives out in the truck and car the get updated every month or so. All the backups there are done via Carbon Copy Cloner. We do have a few files on DropBox so they get a cloud backup. I have also been backing up some of the file server via JungleDisk and Amazon S3…although the majority of the file server data does not go that route due to limited bandwidth.

Once we get into the house…I want to institute full backup of the file server with most of a terabyte on it out to offsite provider. I also want to make sure that I incorporate Trust No One encryption or TNO and Pre Internet Encryption or PIE as recommended by Steve Gibson on Security Now so that nothing leaves my system without full encryption beforehand and anything I ever restore gets decrypted on my system so that my data is never available to either the cloud service or potentially any government agency via subpoena.

So far…I’ve considered 3 options for backup…continue with JungleDisk and Amaon S3 which does provide true TNO and PIE…BackBlaze which does not provide either, you an specify a private key but you have to give it to them before you can restore anything so the decryption happens on their server…and Arq with S3 storage, I’ve mostly eliminated this one as it’s harder to manage and making backups easily manageable for my non computer geek spouse is a good thing.

I’m not interested in Google Drive or Microsoft’s offering as they don’t offer PIE or TNO.

Are there other options I should consider or have I adequately defined my choices above?


I happened to have Chronosync and plenty of hard drive space. Also much less to back up than you.

What I did was this.

Create an encrypted sparse image.(or several, for different portions of my Home directory). Use Chronosync to back up to these images. Then use Chronosync to back up the images to Backblaze. And finally set up a Chronosynce schedule to perform these syncs without any interaction by me. It’s a bit of an effort to do the initial setup but no work after.

The crucial point is that the encrypted images provide the encryption BEFORE anything goes over the internet. Once that is done there could be several ways to proceed.