Numbers app: find syntax and how to list image galleries

Ventura 13.6.7, Apple Numbers 14.0

Hello, I am having 2 problems with Apple Numbers.

1- I can’t find the syntax rules for Edit → Find (⌘F). More precisely, if I am looking for a caption in an image gallery (ie outside the table) which contains 2 words, not contiguous and in any order, what would I write in the Find field ?
For example if I am looking for “the dog barks at the cat”, how could I search for cat and dog ? (search for 2 words in the wrong order, ie starting with cat). I tried cat AND dog, cat & dog.
This seems like a rather elementary question, and I found no mention of it via google search.

2- I have a file with many image galleries distributed in multiple sheets, how do I simply list all the image galleries.

I just spent hours in vain searching the Internet for answers, including apple support and numbers help web pages

thanks in advance for your time and help !

Hi Lucas,

Not sure that what you want is possible. I read this in the Numbers user guide on the Web (searching in the MacOS section):

You can search for specific words, phrases, numbers, and characters, and automatically replace search results with new content that you specify.

They go on to say that if you’re searching for a specific value, you have to type the query the way it would be found in the spreadsheet, i.e. if your spreadsheet shows “1/2” for a number, you won’t find it by searching for “0.5”.

What I take away from that is there is no dedicated query syntax behind the “Find” command in Numbers. It does search whenever you pause and shows results next to the entry box as well as in the spreadsheet you’re searching.

Of course, I hope I missed something, because this sounds like it would be a really useful capability for you.

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thank you very much Matt !

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