Noisy Facebook app

(I updated my iPhone 6 to the latest iOS it will run (12- no problems) and then updated the Facebook app.)

Does anyone know how to turn off the feedback sounds in the new iPhone Facebook app?

(I knew I would regret upgrading FB. Stupid coders.)

Nevermind - I finally found it after 30min of searching on my computer.

I deleted FB off my phone over a year ago. I hadn’t updated in a long time and it was still obtrusive even though I had all notifications turned off.

I know, that’s not helpful but I think it’s designed that way :frowning:


Make a note of what you did, because in my experience it will sneak the sounds back on with some future update.

(For anyone who wants to know, tap the hamburger icon bottom right, scroll down to settings & privacy and tap to open, tap settings, scroll all the way down to sounds and tap it, turn off In-app sound. Which, by the way, and as I predicted, was turned back on when I just checked it.)