No Services after 17.0.3 update

I’m writing about a problem we just experienced with the iOS 17.0.3 update. We have two iPhone 8’s and both did an auto-update to iOS 17.0.3 with different results: my iPhone updated without a problem, but after my wife’s iPhone updated it restarted showing no Services - no WiFi, no G4 phone service, no Bluetooth, etc. We tried a re-boot, nothing. (Yes, it would be my wife’s iPhone!!) At the moment our local Apple dealer has it to check and said he’ll need to do a Restore.

Anyone else had issues - or any idea what could be wrong?! Thanks.

No, but you did the right thing by having Apple restore it. That will likely solve the problem or on the remote chance there is a hardware problem, you can have it repaired or replace it.

Get back to us after Apple does their thing.


If Apple is going to restore it, then that’s great. Let us know how it goes.

If not and you’d like to try it yourself, can you connect it to a Mac with a USB cable? Make a backup via USB (be sure to make an encrypted backup, since non-encrypted ones don’t back up sensitive data like passwords and nework login credentials). Then once you have your backup, you can do a “Restore” from the Finder - that will wipe all non-system data from the phone and then let you restore it from the backup you just made. Usually, that will be enough to get the job done.

But if not, the last resort option is DFU (device firmware update) mode, which Apple calls “Recovery mode”. This involves powering-on with some magic button-press sequence. You can then restore the entire device (including iOS and any underlying firmware) via the Finder. Of course, you will need a full backup if you don’t want to reinstall/reconfigure everything after you’re done.

If DFU mode doesn’t work, then you probably have a hardware problem of some kind.

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Are you sure about that information? As far as I know, the latest version of iOS that works on the iPhone 8 is iOS 16.7.2.

Update on our No Services issue - Apple Service restored the iPhone and it’s now working fine. Also I had the wrong iOS number - the update was 16.7.2

Thanks for comments and advice.

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