No More Security Updates for First-Generation Eero Devices

Originally published at: No More Security Updates for First-Generation Eero Devices - TidBITS

Amazon subsidiary Eero has announced that although first-generation Eero devices will continue to work for the foreseeable future, they will no longer receive security updates. Amazon is providing a trade-in discount.

There is a problem I encountered a few months ago with Amazon’s trade-in discount. I wanted to trade in my old Eero for an Eero Po 6. In order to receive a discount on on the Eero Pro 6, Amazon required me to first send in my old Eero. Amazon would then send me a discount code for a new Eero. This would leave me without a mesh network for several days, making the offer of a discount virtually useless. Thinking my understanding of the fine print of the offer might be incorrect, I called Amazon. The customer service rep confirmed one had to first send in the old Eero to receive the discount code, and only then could the discount code be used for a new Eero. A discount code could not be applied retroactively after the purchase of a new Eero, even if I sent in the old Eero immediately after replacing it with the new Eero.

UGH! Good heads up… I also have what I think is the first version of the 3-module Eero mesh network devices. I too do NOT want to shut down my Wifi network to send the units back to Amazon.

How do I verify that I have the first version of this gear??

Model numbers. Open the Eero app, tap the router, tap advanced. The model number would start with A for the first gen, B for the second gen (which I have).

I am replacing mine one at a time with 6+ units (I don’t need Pro) and then doing an Amazon trade in. I think the second gens get $30? Not sure about first gens?

Here’s an ugly workaround:

  1. Buy the new Eero’s (call it new set 1).
  2. Move your network to new set 1.
  3. Return your old Eero’s and get the credit.
  4. Buy another new set of Eero’s (call it new set 2) with the discount applied
  5. Move your network to new set 2
  6. Return new set 1 for a full refund

Usually, you have 30 days to return a product, but we’re now in the holiday period where most items will be returnable until January 31, 2023.

Note: if you just return set 2, the refund will be for that specific purchase which will be the purchase price - the discount. Amazon probably has a pretty good fraud department for returns, so I would not return set 2 claiming it is set 1 since the serial numbers would be different.


Cheers, Mac