NIK Filters now working with High Sierra

I was using the NIK filter set as stand-alone apps when they stopped working as plugins for Elements, but then they stopped working.

Today, I discovered they’re working again—as standalone apps—on my iMac running 10.13.4.

Paul Brians
Bainbridge ISLAND, WA

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Interesting. I”ve had no problem with the plugins (under PS CC) under HS; they work well, save for one situation. If they are used on smart objects (so in theory they changes remain live and can be edited), they crash PS when I attempt to reopen them for re-editing.

What did you change to get them to work again?


I don’t know what the change was because I haven’t been using them for many months when they started crashing as soon as I launched them. For what it’s worth I use Photoshop Elements 15. There have been several system upgrades during that time, and I assume one of them fixed that problem.

Paul Brians