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(Randy B. Singer) #41

Randy, could you note which of the software is 64-bit capable?

This is a bit of a moving target. I don’t want to have to update it constantly. If it seems pertinent, I’ll re-visit it after macOS 10.15 is released. By then I suspect that everything on that page will either be 64-bit or defunct. I’ll remove the defunct products from the list.

I think that it’s too soon to start “dumping” apps that aren’t currently 64-bit. As always, and maybe especially this next time, it’s a good idea not to upgrade to a new major version of the macOS until at least the “point-two” release. By then, hopefully, the majority of 32-bit only applications will have upgrades available. I doubt that even all of the app developers know at this point if their products will definitely be upgraded to 64-bit.