New Web Site: Free Software

(Randy B. Singer) #21

OnyX is indeed an excellent utility. But it has too much stuff in it that isn’t explained and which might get an ordinary user in trouble. I recommend YASU instead on my site. It does what you need and it doesn’t have a bunch of extraneous features.


(Al Varnell) #22

Well that explains why you ignored most of my recommendations. I don’t consider OnyX features to be necessarily extraneous, but certainly in the hands of a novice, some of them can do more harm than good if not used properly. I do favor this list catering to less than expert users.

(Charles Butcher) #23

Do I hear a lawyer speaking? :grinning:

Itsycal is a superb little menubar calendar.

TNEF’s Enough opens winmail.dat files in emails from certain Windows users. It might be a bit specialised for this list, but it’s free and very useful if you have this problem.

Speedtest by Ookla is a good menubar network speed checker.

There must be loads more good stuff in the App Store, but finding it is another matter…

(Randy B. Singer) #24

Do I hear a lawyer speaking?

No, not at all. At least not in this instance. What you hear is a guy who has created a number of Web sites for Mac users who doesn’t like to hear from a lot of (angry) ordinary Mac users who are blaming him for “screwing up their Mac.”

Itsycal is a superb little menubar calendar.

TNEF’s Enough opens winmail.dat files in emails from certain Windows users. It might be a bit specialised for this list, but it’s free and very useful if you have this problem.

Those are superb suggestions! Thanks!

(Diane D) #25

I had the win mail.dat issue this morning - thanks for this app! I wish it were a little more automated but it does work.


(David Tuma) #26

In addition to TNEFS, one can use Letter Opener for MacOS Mail for winmail.dat
Letter Opener is also free. I don’t know how one develops and updates apps for free. I don’t see much advertising with it.

(Randy B. Singer) #27

In addition to TNEF’s Enough, these will also open winmail.dat archives. Maybe one of them will be more to your liking:

Winmail Viewer ($2)

Open Winmail.dat ($5)

Klammer ($5)

LetterOpener ($40)

If you try them, please let us know which you like best.

(Al Varnell) #28

Appears to have a 14-day free trial, but now costs $40. Perhaps you have an earlier free version?

(Diane D) #29

Thanks Randy! It’s infrequent enough for me to deal with the freebie :slight_smile: I just have to remember I actually have it!


(Randy B. Singer) #30

I’ve updated the site with a half dozen more apps!

(Jolin Warren) #31

Hey Randy, great site, and thanks as always for being so generous with your encyclopaedic knowledge of Mac software! Two things:

  1. Can I recommend that you include Find Any File? It can be used free, but asks you to register for $6 (well worth it in my opinion). I absolutely love this utility, and have remapped ⌘-F in the Finder to launch FAF instead of the Finder’s spotlight search (which I’ve remapped to ⌘-⌥-F). It is like the classic Mac OS search function (pre-Sherlock), which was really my favourite ever. It’s fast (uses the magic that allows searching a whole volume extremely quick), offers lots of options to add criteria, has a great results browser, and importantly will search everywhere. It can even perform a search as the root user to go inside all folders, and the fast search works with modern APFS-formatted drives. Can you tell I love this utility? :grin:

  2. I’d love to try Yasu, but it’s not been updated for Mojave/10.14. Do you have any inside info on whether that will happen? I can contact the developer, but thought I’d check in case you already know.


(Randy B. Singer) #32

I don’t have any information about YASU that you don’t. If you contact the developer, please let us know what he has to say.

My guess is that the utility won’t need any updating, but we will see. YASU, and similar utilities, such as OnyX, work by simply providing a graphic user interface for issuing Unix commands for built-in processes to be run. So, unless those commands have changed between High Sierra and Mojave, the app won’t need updating. But only the developer knows for sure.

(Jolin Warren) #33

That’s what I hoped, but the app pops up an alert if you try and run it on a version of Mac OS that it doesn’t explicitly support. Might just need a version string updated, but it doesn’t run on Mojave as-is. I’ll contact the developer and post here if I hear back.

(Jolin Warren) #34

The developer responded very quickly!

Yes, the Mojave version is close to being completed, I’m shooting for having it out the door by the end of the year.


(Randy B. Singer) #35

Thanks for telling us!

That’s a good sign, because YASU has a new developer.

(Randy B. Singer) #36

My Free Or Inexpensive Software site has been updated!

There are now 49 pieces of software listed!

Free Or Inexpensive Macintosh Software

You may need to refresh the Web site once to see the new listings.


A great resource just became even better.

(Charles Bjorgen) #38

I browsed through your listing, Randy, and noted that you include Tex-Edit Plus. I’ve been using that powerful text ending program for years, even when i paid when it was shareware. It’s free now and I’d sure recommend it.

(Steve Johgart) #39

I too have used TexEdit Plus for many many years - great program. I was distressed when the dreaded “32-bit” message popped up for it recently. Hopefully it’s still being updated, and will be 64-bit for next fall’s system update (macOS Salton Sea or something).

(Dennis Swaney) #40

As part of my prep for the demise of 32-bit, I’m replacing all 32-bit only software with others that are at least 32/64-bit. I had to dump TexEdit+ because unfortunately TexEdit+ dies in 9 months as it is 32-bit only and they aren’t releasing a 64-bit version.

Randy, could you note which of the software is 64-bit capable?