New OS and Email/Text Autosuggestions

The newest versions of Mac OS, iPhone OS, & iPad OS are driving me crazy. Every time I compose an email or text message (Messages & Apple Mail) the autosuggestions while I type are driving me crazy! I don’t want everything guessed for me while I’m typing, I find it very distracting. I’ve looked at Settings on my MacBook, iPhone, & iPad & haven’t figured out if there’s a new setting that I can change or if it’s something I’ll need to learn to live with.
It’s far more disconcerting to me than auto-correct; I can deal with that. But if I’m trying to type, for example, the word diffident, Mail or Messages will think I’m typing the word different. It not only breaks my concentration, sometimes I have to double check to make sure I’ve typed what I really meant to type.
Maybe I’m just getting cranky in my old age! :woman_shrugging:t3:
Thanks for any suggestions.

On iOS and iPadOS, try turning off Settings / General / Keyboard / Predictive

On Sonoma, Settings / Keyboard. Click the “Edit” next to your keyboard “Input Sources” (mine is “US”) and try turning off “Show inline predictive text”.

(I guess so much for having the Settings apps aligned among all of the OSes.)


Thank you so much! I looked & looked for settings to adjust, never occurred to me the setting might actually be labelled Predictive! Found other settings to try but nothing seemed to work. I’d even searched the Apple Support site & couldn’t find the correct reference.
A million thanks for getting me to the right place.

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I suspect I’m even older than you, but it took me just a few minutes to get used to it. In fact, I’m enjoying all the time it saves me in accurately predicting exactly where I’m headed so I can simply type a space or punctuation to complete my thought.


Just entered my ninth decade and am loving the new autocorrect in iOS and macOS. For the first time, it gets it right more often than not - formerly it significantly slowed down my typing (which was never fast). I love the fact that it seems to use contextual clues and also learns as I continue to use it.

For me it is the best thing about iOS 17 and Sonoma. (The screen savers in Sonoma are close - truly magnificent).