New music app with Monterey 12.2?

I had some faint hope that the supposedly rebuilt Music app coming in 12.2 might solve some of the current issues. In my case it appears to have fixed one of the issues and left a couple outstanding. What has your experience been? I’m on Intel. I only use View As Songs, and suspect that view wasn’t part of the rewrite.

Fixed (I think): When using keyboard to navigate (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End) the scrollbar wouldn’t follow your navigation and the content would suddenly scroll back to the top or bottom when common actions were taken with any track. I haven’t seen this happen since I updated. Fingers crossed.

Not fixed:

  1. This problem showed up with 12.1 I believe. Removing tracks from a playlist doesn’t sync to other devices, not at least for several hours or even days. Workaround: Duplicate the playlist. Set to View as Songs if desired. A duplicated playlist syncs to other devices within an hour or so. Once the new playlist syncs to iPhone then use the iPhone to delete the old playlist and rename the new playlist. (Syncs from iPhone are rapid; syncs from Mac are painfully slow usually but not in the case of an entirely new playlist).
  2. Artwork blinks a couple times in Song view when taking actions on tracks in the playlist (again this is in Song View). This issue has been there since Big Sur when artwork was reinstated to Song View. It’s not pretty and the opposite of elegant, but isn’t that much of a big deal. It can happen any time but particularly after taking most kinds of actions on the tracks in the playlist. This appears to have reduced a little since 12.2.
  3. I suspect the various metadata overwrite issues haven’t been fixed because I think the rewrite focussed on UI elements, not on the back-end issues. But I haven’t been using long enough to know for sure.
  4. Sound Check takes one to three seconds before it kicks in causing the music to blast through the speakers before adjusting down. This has been there at least since Big Sur was introduced, and possibly Catalina (which I skipped). It was not an issue in Mojave and earlier.

For those that use the non-Song views, are things more snappy now? I never noticed that things were slow, probably because I only use those views when forced to (e.g. the Apple Music browser). Any other changes or lack of changes to call out?

EDIT: Added #4