New MacBook Pros arriving 10/18

I’m down for a decked out M1X 14" to replace my 2020 Intel 13". I just hope the addition of MagSafe doesn’t man we can no longer charge over USB-C. I like plugging into a single TB dock connection to connect to everything on my desk at once.

Related to this intro, FYI Apple is still looking for a problem they could fix with AR. :wink:

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I wonder if it is a hint about AR glasses and gaming? However, I’m guessing that if OSIRIX will be involved in the presentation, in addition to gaming and entertainment, Apple could emphasize medical use cases of AR. Apple has made tremendous strides in wellness/healthcare since the debut of iPhone, iPad and Watch, and Tim Cook has always emphasized consumer and medical professional uses for Apple devices. And a member of my extended family is a radiologist that uses OSIREX in his practice.

Education, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, fashion and interior design, etc. are also areas of opportunity.

More rumors. Base config apparently 16GB/512GB. Pricing similar between 14" and 16" which is no surprise considering this is the Pro 14", unlike the M1 13" that really only carries Pro in its name (not that it’s a bad MacBook though).

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Me too. I like being able to connect power into either side, and into displays that provide power like my LG 5K3K ones. Also, I hope the ports are full TB4 ones not the limited “TB3 / USB-C 4 ones” they currently are, and even better, they release a separate Apple display – but I suppose that would be asking too much on the tail end of pandemic supply chain issues, if at all!

Wondering what the top config will be here? My guess (hopefully – as then I may be able to afford it, lol!):

16" / 64GB RAM / 8TB storage / $4.5K.

I just hope they don’t go near the $6.7K pricing the current top config 16" Intel’s are!

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Goodies summary.

Looks like we’re going to be down one TB port. I don’t care for any of these legacy ports coming back so a loss to me. Not necessarily that three is outright too few, but having a pair on which ever side is more convenient was nice.


And fresh out of left field came this sketchy rumor actually claiming we’ll get a notch. Usually, you could dismiss this as crazy nonsense, but then you realize the whole thing about odd resolutions and getting to 16:10 if you remove 74 pixels… Fun times.

And now this morning it’s being followed up with an even sketchier photo of the alleged MBP notch. Funner times. :wink:

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I will happily trade bezels for more screen real estate and a notch.

And by now people have dug up Apple patents that could be applied here where they’d hide the notch with two 74 pixel high bands on either side. The menu bar remains below that.

Obviously the whole menu bar metaphor requires it to be at the very top of the mousable display, so the question becomes, what would you want displayed in those two 74 pixel high bands if you know you cannot access any of it with your mouse pointer. Clearly, Apple menu is a no. But clock perhaps or battery and wifi (as on iPhone)? Well, I don’t know about you, but I actually click on all of those rather frequently. If I’d have more imagination I’m sure I could come up with something interesting for those bands, but I don’t. So I’ll leave it to those who do (and Apple of course) to delight me. :wink:

I’m looking forward to real function keys again.

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