New items badge bug?

(Simon) #1

So most of the time when I come here, I just check
to see what’s happened in threads I’m interested in. After that, I might check out new threads. So right next to the “all categories” and “Latest” tab there’s “New (xx)” where the badge xx is usually a number between 10-50. But as soon as I click on it, expecting to see a list of new threads or new posts, I get a page saying there’s nothing new (“You have no new topics.”).

So what’s the deal with that badge? What does the 44 mean it’s showing right now?

(Adam Engst) #2

I can’t explain this, unfortunately. As an admin, I can impersonate you, and when I did that, I saw New (43) and clicking it revealed a good-sized list of topics, presumably 43 of them. In theory, the New number should be new posts that you haven’t seen. I’m reading everything here, and as I click to load everything, those numbers do drop accurately until they disappear.

(Simon) #3

Thanks, Adam. It’s back to 45 now. Logging out and back in did not help. I wonder if deleting the TidBITS cookies could help.

45 is not entirely unreasonable. I’m sure there are many new posts I haven’t read. What’s strange OTOH is that the number doesn’t seem to change much.

And that said, it still begs the question why clicking on it doesn’t show those posts/threads and instead just forwards to a page that says there’s nothing new. :confused:

(Adam Engst) #4

It might be worth clearing cookies, or trying a different browser. I can’t think what might be wrong because it seemed to work correctly when I logged in as you.

(Simon) #5

Unfortunately, clearing cookies didn’t help. :frowning: