New iPhone on the horizon?

Hello. I am planning on buying a new iphone. Anyone have any info on when an announcement will be made from Apple? Crystal ball anyone?

Nothing has been firmly scheduled yet, but if you take a look at the release dates for all the iPhones to date, you’ll notice that most announcements are made in the Fall, so should hear something soon iPhone - Wikipedia.

iPhone 12 rumors can be found, including here Apple Insider Confirms New iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Releases.

Dan Moren recently said something like the iPhone has been announced the 3rd week of September ever since the iPhone 5, with maybe one exception.Âą

However, given that it’s 2020/COVID-19 season, I would not be surprised to see if pushed to the end of the month, or even into the first week of October.

So… probably within the next 30 days, but no one who knows for sure has said anything yet.

¹ If we get to the 20-22nd of September with no announcement, I would expect the Wall Street Journal gets a “sources familiar with the announcement” leak from Apple giving a pretty good estimate of when it will be.

Thank you. I do know that announcements are around September, which why I was wondering if anyone had any additional info.


MacWorld suggests October release or possibly into November. It also discusses 5G limits along with other features.


I’ll bet on mid to late October for the announcement. Apple usually sends out its invites about 3 weeks before the announcement. I’m anticipating a later than typical release date for any hardware upgrades.

I read the article and it scares me that the iphone 12 will probably cost far more and well over $1000. It’s already ridiculous. I think I just might buy am 11.

I don’t know what you want in an iPhone, but you might consider the second gen iPhone SE. I use one and am quite happy with it. The camera’s not as good as the higher end phones, and the screen’s smaller. On the other hand I can still operate it with one hand and it fits in my pants pocket :slight_smile: , I don’t need a super-duper camera, and it’s a lot cheaper than the higher end phones.

Even if you want an 11, you should hold off. Following the 12 announcement, either the 11 or an 11-equivalent will be much cheaper than the 11 is today.


Why yes, in this funny little publication called TidBITS:


LOL! The ENTIRE headline didn’t grab my attention— High profits for Apple is all I focused on. Now, if the headline was reversed with iPhone, etc. first, then… who knows…Thanks Adam

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Expect an announcement in October.

Actually, expect an announcement on September 15: Apple Events - Apple.

Except that the rumor sites now say it will only cover iPad and Watch, not iPhone 12 yet. Seems like you will have to wait until October if you still want to wait to hear about it.

Actually, expect an announcement on September 15: Apple Events - Apple.

Maybe. Depending when the iPhones are ready to ship they might not mention the iPhones at next week’s event. Apple Watch almost certainly, iPad probably, iPhone maybe. If they can’t ship an iPhone for another month I would expect that to get a separate announcement. But who knows, we live in such strange times.