New Home app UI doesn't seem to let me turn lights off with a tap

The new Home app that came with iOS16 has totally changed the user interface - in my opinion for the worse.
With the old app I just needed to tap the icon to turn the power outlet or light on or off. Now, for a power outlet, it brings up toggle switch which must be swiped to change the setting. With lights I cannot work out how to turn them on or off, other than turning the brightness to zero which, of course, loses the original brightness setting.
Or have I missed something such as a new setting in options?

Does it help to define the outlet as a light? I know when I am doing an initial set-up, it lets me choose. I don’t have any of my plugs set up as outlets, so I can’t test it. My current lights can be turned off and on with a touch.

Here is a screen snapshot of the home page in iOS 16.0.2:

The heaters are “outlets” and when I tap the icon a toggle appears. The extra step for an outlet, compared with a tap is irritating but fulfils the intention (tap to turn off or on).:

Shapes is a light. When I tap it’s icon the brightness and color window now appears:

If I tap the crossed out bulb symbol the light turns on but then there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it off again, other than reducing the brightness to zero.
Your workaround is not appropriate as I wouldn’t be able to adjust teh lamp brightness if it is treated as an outlet.

Do you see that little circle icon on the element to the left (or top left if it’s bigger)? Try tapping that icon.

(I use a third party app called Home+ most of the time, so don’t use the stock app all that often myself.)


This icon:

In my case, it is an outlet which I call “light” - it’s a standard light fixture that’s plugged in, not a smart bulb. I have none of those myself.

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Doug’s answer is right. Tap the icon of the outlet, not the surrounding card, for a quick toggle.

I did “miss something”!

Missing something number 2 - :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
A while ago I replaced an ikea smart light with an LiFX (works great).
I noticed the ikea light still appeared in the Home app but is marked unresponsive. I decided to remove it from the Home app but when I went through the steps to remove it the Remove Accessory button no longer appears. I cannot find a way to remove it.
“Responsive” accessories are able to be removed.