New Czur 5.0 Software for Mac

This is a follow-up on the TidBITS article from 2017. Czur just promulgated an update (version 5.0) of their software for the Mac and their ET16 scanner. Since I happened to be in the process of scanning a few books, I downloaded it right away to give it a spin.

My first impression is that the look and feel is much more Mac-like, with menus that seem to conform to standard Mac menus. The controls have been relocated, and this made the process of scanning and outputting a bit easier. It feels a bit more spritely, even on my 2009-era MacPro running High Sierra (OS 10.13.6, 32GB RAM, spinning HD).

The big positive changes I noticed are: an increase in the speed of scanning each page–seems about twice as fast as before; and, a dramatic decrease in the size of the output PDF files. A 500-page book scanned with the previous software at 300 DPI and best image quality, and saved as a searchable PDF, used to be over 300MB, but the two 230-page books I just scanned with the same settings came to less than 10MB each. You can now also change the settings from the scan window.

I haven’t experienced any major problems yet. It hasn’t crashed on me or caused any obvious system problems. The only minor issue I noticed is that, on the scan window, the icons and controls in the black part of the screen (top, left and bottom edge) appear to be greyed out, making them a bit hard to see. Has anyone else used this update?