New Annoying iOS 16 Feature for Reminders

My wife just updated her phone to iOS 16.

We have a shared Groceries reminder list. Today, every time I add a new item onto our grocery list, she gets a notification on her Apple Watch. It says “David Weintraub has added item to the Groceries List”.

Needless to say, she doesn’t want this constant stream of notifications every time I add something to our groceries list. She does want date and time notifications and alarms. She wants place notifications. She doesn’t want general reminder notifications.

Does turning off notifications for Reminders specifically not work for her?

We don’t want to turn off notifications on reminders completely. We want time based and location based reminders to still work.

Open the Reminders app on her phone. Open the shared list. There is an icon at the top that has a silhouette of a person within a circle with a check mark bottom-left - tap that icon. Tap “Managed Shared List”. Under “Notify When”, turn off “Adding Reminders”, then tap “Done”.

That I think will take care of that.


Thanks. For now, I deleted the list from her phone. I was looking all over for that. That’s the one place I didn’t think of looking