Nagging about automatic upgrades from MS Office

(Robert Brenstein) #1

I am getting a notification from the Office Updater, some days none, most days several times, nagging me to turn on automatic updates. This is happening since the latest but one Microsoft Office upgrade, me thinks. I am currently using version 16.16.8. This is really annoying but I can’t see a way to turn that off.



(Ray Kloss) #2

Have had that going for the last week or more. It is poor design on MS part as there is no way to tell it not to remind you or do updates manually.


(David) #3

If this is the same nagging I was experiencing, it’s easy to fix. The nag is coming from the MS AU Daemon but via your system notifications.

Go to System Preferences --> Notifications and find “Microsoft AU Daemon” in the list (might have to scroll way down). Then set the notification to “None”. Or, if you prefer, to something else but less naggy.

The MS Updater will still check for updates however frequently you tell it to and it will still notify you when there are updates. But the nagging will magically disappear – assuming the nagging you’re receiving is the same as the nagging I was receiving, but haven’t ever since I did this.

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(Robert Brenstein) #4

Thanks David for the tip. It worked! The nagging is gone.

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