Mystery item in Settings / Notifications

I am running iOS 16.6 on my iPhone XR. I have just noticed an item called “Qatar-Alert” at the bottom of the list of Apps in Settings / Notifications. (See photo attached.) Does anyone know how it might have got there - and how I can remove it? Note that I have never lived in Qatar, and this iPhone was not purchased there. My only contact with Qatar has been changing planes in Doha!
Thanks! (BTW I have now turned all the toggle switches off :slightly_smiling_face:)

That would be a Government Alert. Check Settings->General->Language & Region or perhaps it’s your SIM if you have one.

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The answer lies in what you’ve previously done–sign up for State department alerts? Posted your intended destination wrt your passport? etc. If you are returning to Qatar in the near future, I’d be concerned and dig into it more. If not, you have little reason to worry.

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That section is called “government alerts” on my phone with similarly phrased options in a somewhat different order.