Mystery App Kamino

I have been checking System Report/Installations to check whether the latest Apple security software has been installed (XProtect and MRT). I noticed a number of recurring installations of something called Kamino listed as 3rd Party. Searching for Kamino on the system comes up empty. A Google search doesn’t find anything relevant (it finds some old obsolete programs with a different version number).

At the bottom of the System Report it shows a “location”:
David’s iMac Pro > Software > Installations > Kamino
but this isn’t really a location on my drive. Hidden folders?

I ran an Intego complete system scan to see if it was malware, but nothing shows up.

My MacBook Pro doesn’t have this installation. Any idea of what this his or how to research this issue further?



Kamino shows up on Apple’s App store:


Added information. There is an iOS medical app called Kamino and they have a Mac version - but only for the new M1 Macs. I suspect I had an earlier (Intel) version installed and the developer updated the app with the M1 requirement. Now the app keeps trying to update, but of course fails because my iMac Pro is Intel. The Installations show the (attempted) installations but doesn’t note that they fail. The developer, of course, has no app support at all. This is probably the App Store trying to update, but it doesn’t have any record of the original “purchase” - and I can’t remember installing this App in the first place. The repeated attempts to install doesn’t seem to do any harm, but it would be nice to stop it.

This Apple webpage has a link to report a problem – might help:

Thanks for the suggestion. I might try that, but my Apple Store account doesn’t show the app as having been “purchased” so I would have some difficulty convincing them it is a store problem! And, it don’t need a refund (I didn’t pay anything) - I just want the store to stop trying to install.