My new MBP M1 Pro arrived yesterday! Everything's great!

I had another discussion where I was tracking the shipment. It arrived yesterday and everything is great!

I’m going to write up a blog post about migration (easy from Time Machine) and this and that. I just wanted to mention one minor thing for now. Chrome seems to require Rosetta! That surprised me. Firefox did not. But I had to install Rosetta to get Chrome to work.

Update: Note - I updated Chrome to the Apple chip version now! Thanks!

Anyway, love it! More later.

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Chrome has a new universal version, but it doesn’t install automatically. Go to the Chrome website and after you click the download Chrome button, you’ll be asked if you want the Intel or ‘Apple’ chip’ version.

Note that Zoom also has a version for Apple Silicon, but it is not universal–you need the old version to run on Intel. At least Zoom lets you know when you try to run the Intel version on Apple Silicon.

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Thanks. All updated. I guess Firefox was able to update itself earlier.