My Mac Apple-Calendar went berserk-I need help!

Yes. Each time it will report that it is finished, but when I look at the device’s Calendar, the event is there, but its alerts are not, or are incorrect. Sometimes, just adding an irrelevant change to the desktop Calendar event, will finally get the event to sync accurately.

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I wonder if macOS Sequoia developer beta 1 fixed this. I doubt it. If I had another Mac and iPhone to test with, I would. Anyone here want to try it? If it is still there, then please report it ASAP!

I didn’t think I could download it, but it looks like I can, so I’ll let you know.

Just a reminder that, once you get Calendar working as intended, there is an archive function available in macOS under File/Export.

Same for the Contacts app.


It’s still there… sigh…

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Will_B, please report this bug again. If others can do the same, please do so. The earlier and more people, the better chances Apple will fix it.


However, I have reported this since the first public beta of Ventura. I verified it with every public beta and release up until the last couple of Sonoma betas and releases. Between installing and testing, each release required a couple hours of testing and trying to guess at what was the core problem, then writing up a Feedback report (with logs). The behavior varied in bizarre ways. There was a run of releases that actually crashed SyncServer. I was actually encourage by that. Repeatable crashes tend to get attention, but no…

In late January-February, I spent three full afternoons with an Apple support person. He insisted that if he was to help me, I had to install Sonoma on my internal drive. After every test, reinstalls were necessary. Ultimately my internal drive was so frelled (and one of two local backups corrupted), that attempted restoration resulted in the embarrassingly stressed-out public and private discussion I had at the time with Mr. Bombich and his good folks. Data was lost.

The Apple tech said engineering wanted more logs. I guess they really didn’t pay much attention to all those Feedback reports.

I’m done. A DayTimer seems an easier solution than coding my own Calendar/syncing app. I don’t have enough pockets for a DayTimer and an iPhone. I don’t think I would miss my iPhone much…

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Hey there Will,

Sorry for all the grief you have been through, with respect to Apple Calendar (and possibly Apple Contacts, as well). It sounds pretty bad to me.

I can say that, I have switched to BusyCal, and it is much better than Apple’s Calendar ever was. I still haven’t committed a to server/sync scenario, and only (currently) use BusyCal on one of my Apple devices (a Mac-Mini).

In the future, I may incorporate BusyCal in a server/sync situation.

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