My Apple Watch Does Not Reliably Reflect Alarms From My iPhone

I have an Apple Watch SE (original version) and an iPhone 13 Pro, both up to date. Yesterday I set some alarms on the phone. In the morning I was in the house, the watch on my wrist, the phone in my belt holster. An alarm sounded on my phone but was not shown on the watch. Later in the day, same situation, another alarm sounded on the phone and showed up on the watch. I had done nothing to either device in the interim.

This has happened before, I just used yesterday as an example. I have “Push Alerts from iPhone” turned on.

My problem is sometimes my iPhone is elsewhere in the house, and I don’t know when an alarm sounds because my watch is mute.

Am I missing something? Or is my Apple Watch less reliable than it should be?

In theory, Apple should display alarms on the “current” device—you don’t want all your Apple devices to start playing alarms at the same time. But that can sometimes get messed up for unknown reasons. I don’t have a sense of how to fix it, though logging out of iCloud and back in might help, annoying as that is.

Thanks Adam. I’ll keep working on it…