Must-use software you’ve stopped using

I hadn’t used Pathfinder in about a year, and I just got word of a free 8.5 upgrade.

I used to use Pathfinder and recommended it to all my friends. However, it started having problems with updating file information and never worked with iCloud - something I’m more and more dependent on. At the same time, Finder itself has improved, and I found I really didn’t miss Pathfinder.

I also use to use Fantastical on my iPhone, but I ended up switching to Apple Calendar because Fantastical didn’t do travel time. I still use Fantastical on my desktop, but mainly in the menubar to quickly see a small calendar. Otherwise, I use the standard Mac calendar app. It’s funny how one tiny feature can make all the difference.

Is there software you use to depend on, but no longer do? What made you decide not to use it?

I’m completely the opposite. I very rarely use Finder and mostly rely on Pathfinder instead.

Stuff I used to have installed, but no longer:

  • TextExpander (switched to Typinator)
  • Pathfinder (got fed up with bugginess, Finder is good enough for must tasks)
  • Pocket (Mac app quality went downhill)
  • Evernote (now using DEVONthink 3 Pro)
  • Bartender (just wasn’t using it enough to justify upgrading)
  • Alfred (turns out Spotlight handles most of my needs now)
  • Spotify (switched to Apple Music)
  • Swinsian (moved back to iTunes)
  • Carbonite (their Mac client was a PITA, now with BackBlaze)
  • OmniFocus (their take on GTD just didn’t work out for me, now using Todoist)
  • Calibre (the Photoshop of ebook management systems, and just as gnarly)
  • Chrome (no longer the best browser, and I dislike Google’s dominance of the market)

Wow, that’s a big list. And I probably forgot a few.