Music: "Other Artwork" limited to 2 squares?

Hi folks!

Finally catching up and ripping the balance of my CD collection :-)

In most cases, I settle for losing the liner notes that are included in the jewel box of the CD. But for this particular album, the story (and photos) are so memorable, I want to preserve them. So I took photos of them and tried to add them as “Other Artwork” using the provided interface in Music. The problem is, no matter how I resize the window, I cannot access more than 2 full items in the “other artwork” area. The arrows do nothing. “Tab” seems to move the selection, but if it’s doing anything off-screen, I can’t see it.

I CAN paste multiple artworks in and they apparently do save because if I proceed to DELETE the artwork that I can see, things off the screen to the right do scroll leftwards and fill the missing space. But obviously, deleting is not an acceptable way to scroll.

Is this a bug? This feature has been round for what, 20 years? I’ve never used it much, but I’d like to think that any bugs with it were worked out ages ago.

Do any of you guys use the “other artwork”? Does it work correctly for you?

My iMac is on Monterey, and I was able to replicate the problem. I had never added more than one “other artwork,” so I hadn’t noticed the problem. While experimenting, I also came across other bugs, including being unable to delete an artwork until I closed and reopened the window.

Music is not a robust app by any means. I have run across many other bugs. Apple was once proud to support music lovers. Now, it seems to be a question of how much money they can make with a minimum of effort.

Unfortunately, I have not run across an acceptable replacement for the Music app, excluding perhaps some rather expensive software that would be overkill for what I need.