Mozilla Says Modern Cars Are Data Collection Nightmares on Wheels

This is yet another reason I’m keeping my 2000 Miata. It’s just a car.

Speaking of car rentals and CarPlay, can we at least mention Data Privacy? Some cars seem to be WAY worse than others:

I just returned a rental. I love CarPlay but never have owned a car with it. So I tend to eagerly link up, withholding contacts, whenever I rent. The last car, a Kia, had five other phones in the database. In Europe, the cleaners, thanks to GDPR, are supposed to clear them off when detailing the vehicle. I did it myself straight away and then added mine, but the vehicle every time I started up, dredged back up an android it had previously paired to. Needless to say I deleted mine at drop off, turned on the car, checked the list of phones, and just the android was there.