Movie Villains Don’t Use iPhones

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An amusing anecdote from director Rian Johnson reveals Apple’s level of influence over Hollywood, but such influence isn’t out of the ordinary.

Ironically, I remember the James Bond movie Goldeneye, where the bad guy’s lair was packed full of IBM desktop systems, all with oversized IBM logos on the monitors.

I wonder how this affected their sales (if at all).

It’s important for the bad guys to inflict pain on everyone, including their IT henchpersons.

And don’t forget about how a battered and elderly SE 30, Wall-E, and a sleek, sexy and beautiful iPod, Eve, defeated the evil Axiom Autopilot and saved the planet Earth:

Bad guys always seem to use cheap disposable (aka. burner, throw-away) phones so they cannot be traced. A lot of times, they are simple flip phones.

That’s because crime doesn’t pay. :slight_smile:

Now if Google could do the same thing, then the bad guys would have to just use old Windows phones!