Mounting network volumes

I’ve found a strange behavior in mounting network volumes under Catalina…and I’m not sure whether it’s a server side thing or a client side thing but I believe it didn’t start until I upgraded the server to Catalina.

I’ve got an account on both the server and all my clients with the same userid and password…and the shares on the server have that account on the server with full R/W permissions on the shared directories.

Back in the pre Catalina days…one simply mounted the server and made an alias of the mounted volume, put it on your desktop, and then double clicked the alias when the server volume was needed. Pre Catalina the volumes generally tended to stay mounted through a sleep/wake cycle on the clients with occasional need to remount.

Post Catalina…the volumes almost never stay mounted through a sleep/wake cycle on the clients, and the double clicking the alias fails about half the time…with either an unknown error or a bad password error…despite the passwords being stored in the keychains on the clients and being the right userid/password.

The solution post Catalina is to select the server from Locations in a Finder window then double click the desired volume, and at random intervals that I can’t figure out any pattern to put in the password for the account used to mount the volumes even though it is already in the keychain…but sometimes I need to log out and back in on the client, generally when it wants the password.

I have the aliases in Login Items on my daily driver account and they generally mount as expected on a log out/in cycle with no password dialog.

So…has anybody figured out how to either (a) keep network volumes mounted through sleep/wake cycles or (b) easily remount desired network shares when they disappear? The server is set to never sleep or spin down drives and wake for network access is checked even though it shouldn’t matter since it doesn’t sleep.


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interested in answers to this; although I haven’t upgraded to Catalina, my Mojave laptop has very similar issues (issues with networked drives being unmounted which never happens with my High Sierra Macs)

Let me know if you figure it out…this has been a problem for me since either HS or Mojave…can’t remember which. My personal thoughts are that macOS releases are too much focused on geewhizbang features and an annual release rather than stability or bug fixes. I appreciate some of the new features…but would appreciate a solid OS that worked consistently more.