More complaints about Apple adding features

I’m sure there are some people for whom these are a great benefit. As far as I’m concerned they’re a solution looking for a problem and a way for Apple to claim to have added new features. Personally, I wish Apple would put effort into making the Books app as functional as its predecessor in iTunes used to be and into making macOS give consistent and correct information about free space on discs.


I have been using Apple products since MacWrite and MacPaint and the first toaster Macs. I don’t use widgets or any other of the less recently implemented eye candy, like Launchpad or Spaces, which are completely useless and confusing to me. IMO it’s just a lot of creeping featurism that only clutters up the user experience. Apple strayed far away from it’s original mission of making the Mac easy to use a long time ago and in the process violated many of their original user interface guidelines. And that’s just as far as the Mac is concerned. I think IOS is a total disaster as far as usability is concerned. Apple concentrates too much on developing solutions to things that were never a problem in the first place. These days Apple seems to spend far too much time and money on eye candy and not enough time on core system improvements. One thing I will say; MacOS is still far superior to Windows in that its core technology is still much better integrated. But the user experience seems to get more and more like Windows every day. Sorry, just my opinion. Please don’t shoot the messenger.


Yes, yes. :grin: And I wish Apple would put as many resources into improving the MAIL app on all platforms as they do into making “Stickers” and animated “Memoji”. :rofl:The “Cartoonization” of Apple is jarring when you can’t get a return receipt or adequately filter all the spam. But gosh, I can have a Facetime where I look like a Squirrel!!


I agree. I would like Apple to fix its own software and to do better in upgrades before fussing about with widgets and emojis.

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Very similar experience here. As a longtime Apple user (since end 1980s) I feel I have some right to express myself.

What drives me to despair in particular about iOS (iPadOS mainly as I use my iPhone mainly as a timer only) is its crap user interface. When you download an app, you never know where it is going to end up, if you subsequently manage to find and move it many or sometimes all your other apps change position, and recently an app I thought to have deleted turned out not to be deleted at all! I spent hours and hours to locate it, among the tens of apps I downloaded over the years without using them as I guess we all have. I found a way around and think it’s gone now, but still why? You can launch a app using the Search function, but this still doesn’t tell you where the app actually is.

Why is it so difficult and frustrating to arrange and organize one’s home screen? That you shouldn’t be able to cram too many icons in a given screenful I understand, but why is there this stupid auto-arrangement feature there that makes icons shift position without you knowing about it? If the fixed grid is imposed, so be it, I can live with that. But why can’t we have gaps in it? And why do the other icons have to jump around like fleas when I try to rearrange things? Any muscle memory gets lost and needs to be retrained every time. And don’t get me going about this folder-like structure that allows you to ‘group’ similar apps but just makes them unusable…

Regarding new MacOS features, I hardly use them. I tried to use things like Spaces and Dashboard, but they interfered with the way I used my Mac. One thing about early Windows that Macs didn’t have was this process dock, and I found DragThing did exactly this, long before the Dock. Sadly, DragThing fell by the wayside a couple of years ago. I now use a thing called ‘Collections’ but it is not half as good.

I pulled all these off-topic complaints out of the survey about widget use to clean up that thread. A few comments:

  • Please don’t clutter threads with off-topic comments. It wastes time for everyone and me in particular.

  • General “the world isn’t the way I would prefer” complaints do not trigger constructive conversation.

  • If you would like help working around a problem, just ask, but it’s always more fun to help when things stay positive.

Nothing more useful will come from these complaints, so I’m closing the topic.