Monterey startup time

I’ve had no real issues on Monterey since upgrading. It’s going well except for one odd aspect. Startup times are really long, like ten minutes long. I had noticed this at installation, put this down to the initial install, which took a long time as well. I have a very fast external SSD for my startup drive.

I restarted today after the first brownout of the winter and lo, this took ten minutes as well. Anyone else having issues like this?

Check and make sure the SSD is specifically set as the startup drive…if another one is asset but not available it looks for it until the timeout happens. It’s not 10 minutes, but both the delay and the actual boot up seem to take longer if it’s not…and I’ve had my Big Sur iMac booting from external SSD do the same thing and then discovered it had lost the startup drive selection.

Thank you Neil, I’ll check that. Good thinking.

On my 2015 MBP a clean install helped a lot.

I’d swapped the original SSD for a Samsung one, so had to (buy and!) reinstall an original Apple SSD before I could upgrade from Big Sur. Having replaced the Samsung drive I had boot times of 3+ minutes and figured I’d have to put up with that, until I read someone saying that a clean install had worked for them. I tried it, and boot time is now about a minute.

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