Monterey bug emailing HEIC photos

I noticed a weird behavior with the macOS Monterey Mail app when attaching HEIC photos. When I email those photos in size “small, medium or large” they get (as expected) converted to the jpeg format but they also become very fuzzy. It is most noticeable with the small and medium size and they become completely unusable.
Emailing the identical photo in jpeg original format, scales down the images but they stay nice and sharp.
This bug is not present in Mojave and also not in iOS15.2.

I also tested the new Convert image Quick Action in Monterey, which can create those three file sizes fine without making them fuzzy. This would need to be the temporary workaround until the Mail app is fixed.

An additional bug affects EXIF metadata. Any photo in jpeg original format no longer contains metadata after emailing as small, medium or large attachment. Again works fine in Mojave but not working in Monterey.

Can anybody else confirm this behavior?