Moneydance 2017.8

(Agen Schmitz) #1

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Brings multiple improvements and bug fixes to the personal finance manager. ($49.99 new, free update, 103 MB)

(Michel Hedley) #2

There appears to be some issues with this release as reported in a number of posts on the Infinite Kind website and these issues are apparently over Java and Mac incompatibilities. May be worth waiting a while before upgrading.

(Adam Engst) #3

Thanks for the warning, Michel! That’s exactly the sort of thing only someone closer to the app than we are can contribute.

(Nigel Stanger) #4

It seems to be working OK for me, although I’ve only used it a couple of times since the update.

However, if it’s Java issues, then it’s almost certainly related to Java 9/10 vs. Java 8, as that’s been breaking lots of things. Especially when the macOS installation helpfully offers to “upgrade” you to the latest version of Java without warning you that Java apps might not be compatible. We were bitten by this when Java 9 first came out — the NetBeans integrated development environment that we use for teaching Java software development broke completely. We had to roll back to Java 8 to make things work again, and I’m guessing the same solution applies here. Unfortunately this isn’t a particularly simple process (thank you, Oracle).

(Doug Miller) #5

I just did a quick scan of the Moneydance forums last night, but all I could see related to the Mac was that the new version of Moneydance isn’t working with 10.7 (Lion), as Oracle has removed support for Java for any MacOS version older that OS X 10.8. That shouldn’t affect too many Moneydance users if that’s the only issue.

(I haven’t installed the new version yet, but I will try installing it soon.)