Moneydance 2017.10

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Maintenance update for personal finance management app works around broken OFX responses from Wells Fargo. ($49.99 new, free update, 103 MB)

For many years I used all of Quicken’s earlier versions up to Quicken 2007 and loved it, except for the fact that the database continually corrupted itself. Support was abysmal. I refused to switch to Quicken 2010 as compared to Quicken 2007 the product was essentially gutted. So I switched to Moneydance. Functionaly I liked Moneydance and the database was stable. However after a few years with it I started running into its shortcoming.

I then have switched to Banktivity for the following reasons:

  • Infrequent bug fixes
  • Poor reports and graphs
  • Mediocre Support
  • Lack of ability to automatically transfer balances and start a new year
  • The entire database was open in memory, subject to damage if the computer or program crashed
  • The file size continued to expand to an enormous size, even if data was deleted

Quicken was not considered despite its new ownership for these reasons:

  • Consistent reports of poor support
  • High annual cost for full capability
  • No confidence in the ability of the spun off company to survive
  • The current version still not having the functionality of many of its competitors

Banktivity does have issues and limitations as well, especially in reports and graphs but I find it solid with good support, and frequent bug fixes when they are found. With a little time and effort I find workarounds for the reporting limitations.

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