Mojave Shutdown Cause

So…my 2015 rMBP running up to date Mojave periodically is shut down when I pick it up in the morning. The power supply is plugged into a power strip that is turned off at night and every 4th or 5th time I pick it up it’s off; rebooting then gives me the standard improper shutdown dialog when it finishes booting. It’s a stock machine but with a 1 TB OWC SSD instead of the Apple one…back in March I put the original Apple SSD back in temporarily for the Combo Update application so that the firmware would get properly updated along with the OS. It’s connected to the AC adapter almost all the time although there is no power to it at night when the power strip is off.

My serial number is one of those affected by the recent battery recall…but since we’re on the road traveling for the summer in our RV I will likely not be able to send it in for replacement until we get back to FL in October.

One thing I’ve noticed…and I think that this is new with Mojave, anyway it started then I think…the charging indicator on the menu bar says charging but the green light on the Magsafe connector does not come on. Pulling and replacing the connector sometimes gets the green light and sometimes not. Leaving the connector out for awhile to run the battery down below 100% and then replugging gives me the orange light followed by the green light. I do condition the battery every couple of months by running it down until shutoff.

I googled shutdown cause and found some old articles using the "log show —predicate” command but that obviously predates Mojave since I get a Cannot open local log store complaint in terminal. Adding Mojave to the search criteria in google didn’t reveal a better command.

So…what can I look at to try and figure out what the cause is? I’ve got 8 or 10 login items but nothing has been added since this started…so I can’t really point to one of them being the culprit. I suspect that it might be LaunchBar which is trying to index my network drive which may or not be either running or connected on any given day…I stopped those index items yesterday and it hasn’t crashed yet…but it’s only been a day.