Missouri Likely to Prosecute Reporter for Viewing Web Page Source

It used to be that public officials tried hard to look smart, whether they were or not.
Ironically, now it seems that public officials try to look as dumb as the lowest common denominator of their constituents.

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I look at source code often to learn tips on coding. On some pages the source code doesn’t show very much. They apparently have a way to bringing in code and then resetting. It appears they did some stupid coding such as including the database in the Show Me states Show Me code.

This is a politician speaking without bothering to get any facts first…having this disease is a prerequisite to becoming a politician regardless of party persuasion. I haven’t read the tweet, watched the video, or read the article…so I have no firsthand knowledge but since it’s been reported in the news I can almost guarantee that it was taken out of context or had some creative editing applied to it to make him look bad. Same thing happens whenever a “reporter”…although that’s a pretty low bar these days…doesn’t believe the same thing as the politician.

That almost sounds to me like our problem these days would be the evil newsmen and not just idiot politicians. People vilify the news all the time, and there is certainly some justification, but if so many politicians weren’t corrupt lying scumbags, this wouldn’t really be an issue because facts would stand out. But when facts become plyable and significant parts of society believe they can make up their own set of suitable facts, well then damnation of the press certainly isn’t going to fix anything.

Absolutely correct…and I’m not really damning the press anymore than the politicians…and we’re way, way off topic here I think.

That said…it’s clear that we have lots of political divisions now…and both sides lie, obfuscate, and prevaricate…and the media against both sides then takes what they say out of context and massages it to meet the political leanings of that particular reporter. I think we all realize that you can tell a politician is lying because his lips are moving. What exacerbates the issue is that journalists as a class…and there are exceptions so this is just a generalization…are no longer interested in reporting the news but in making the news, being the news, and getting clicks…and that’s a bad thing. Back in the day…you would never have guess from listening to Walter Cronkite on the CBS evening news was a way out liberal and practically a socialist in his personal beliefs. He kept that to himself except for his occasional commentary and even then was extremely measured in his words and careful to not be what would be called click-bait today. And I’m not complaining about the so called mainstream media which some perceive to be biased against them…I’m talking about all of the biased/slanted/click-bait things that so called journalists do today.

The vast majority of pols…on both sides…are as you say…corrupt lying scumbags. But we do need to damn the press to get them back to being actual journalists instead of being interested in making their political opponents look bad…and there are very few journalists that are actually interested in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth these days.

I have to wonder if in this case, the governor is really as ignorant as he appears. It would be one thing if this were the first time this issue was coming up; it’s different when there’s been criticism from knowledgeable people as to why a potential prosecution is misguided. Surely, even if the governor is technically illiterate, is everyone around him just as ignorant? And are they all deaf to the criticisms?

This is, of course, a possibility, but I’m more likely to believe this is just a cynical ploy by the governor to try intimidate members of the press from publishing stories which make him look bad. Does he come off looking stupid? Sure, but that doesn’t seem to be much of a hindrance in today’s political climate.

Not all political activity is bad. Nor are all the politicians. Its not a each side are equally bad issue. None of that is present here.

What we witness is willingness of this politician to game partisan media to intimidate a journalist despite the technical advice he almost certainly was made aware of.

What it does raise is the question of the relative shallowness of the grasp most people have of technology. That’s a vulnerability which will continue to dog society as technology continues its ongoing disruption. We are primates with cellphones and technology’s evolutionary pace could outstrip our collective ability to cope.


That’s a reasonable conclusion…but I notice that this is a Republican governor…and I’m not suggesting that your word choices like “gaming” and “partisan media” and “intimidate a journalist” are intended to be deliberately inflammatory because you’re not a Republican…but they could be taken that way by some and the larger tenor of this entire thread to me seems to be more political bashing than anything else.

The governor might be stupid…and he might be gaming the partisan media and all those other things…but one can easily point out just as many instances of that on the other side of the political aisle. I won’t list them here because (a) Adam will likely edit them out, (b) they’re really not material, and (c) the fact that as I stated all politicians lie for political benefit…this is almost universally true and while it may apply to Governor Parson of MO in this case depending on political persuasion of the evaluator…it may also apply to AOC, the President, the former President, the Governor of NY and many other political officials on both sides.

I’m just saying that using those kinds of words that could easily be taken as inflammatory gets away from the actual discussion of whether viewing the source of a web page is illegal or whatever…and that one can easily point fingers at the other side of the aisle as well. I could easily point out examples on the other side where politicians deliberately try to game the media and inflame partisan media to intimidate journalists.

And just to forestall any comments that I’m being partisan here…I’m not. I’m mostly in the center politically but believe that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as well…I’m more than happy to point out stupidity on any side…and it’s obviously not just the province of one side or the other.

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Alright, I think everything that’s useful to be said on this has been, so I’m going to close the comments.