Missing Features in iOS 15.6.1 Messages App

I am still trying to figure out how to delete saved recent text groups.
When I initiate a text to a person, I have dozens of optional text groupings listed in green.
iOS 15 does not allow deleting a group, only a single swipe to delete the currently live thread of a particular grouping.
Also, iOS 15.6.1 has permanently grayed out, in all text threads, the option
to navigate thusly:
Messages > Text Thread > People > Leave this conversation

Having dozens of potential text groupings saved is not a helpful feature, …
Perhaps the original feature back in much earlier versions of iOS is hidden way deep?,

That’s only an option for iMessage groups (e.g., where your texts are blue bubbles.) You can’t leave “green bubble” MMS groups. (Unfortunately.)

If they are indeed iMessage threads, I’d suggest trying force quitting the messages app, or restarting the phone.

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